Life is like a giant cupcake . . .

Life is like a giant cupcake . . .

. . . it has its moments of being sweet, surprising and very messy." ~ ARF

Sunday, August 15, 2010

American Girl, Pandora's Box

So Papa and Missi out did themselves for Heidi's b-day.  Now that we are back in the swing of things, we pulled out the package that my father and Missi sent to the girls for Heidi's b-day (they thought that since Holly is so young and does not understand that it is not her b-day, they wanted to get her something too).  I knew what the gift was for a couple of weeks so I knew that we were getting ready to enter into a new phase of toy land with the girls, but I never imagined how intensely Pandora's box was just opened  . . . The girls got their first phase doll, the Bitty Baby, from American Girl! 

I had no idea how obviously serious this line of doll is until I started researching the whole culture around them.  I even did some fact finding and a little shopping while in New York City (see pictures below of my visit).  This was the only store in NYC that we dropped any cash in and I had a pretty good sized bag (kill - that is what Scott calls it) when I left the front doors. 

When I walked into that store, all I could think was, "Oh, did my father and Missi open Pandora's box for Scott and I - we will have a run for our money as the girls grow into these dolls."  I know that I will enjoy them growing into them as much as they will, I felt like a little girl all over again as I walked the 3-floors of the store.  They did not have things like this when I was little and I just realized we have a smaller version of the NYC store in LA! All I can say about that realization is T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

I am not sure what the manufacture puts in those dolls - maybe Kiddie Nip, but  Holly has been  obsessed with her Bitty Baby from the moment she held it and even Heidi is demonstrating some mini mommy behavior.  Holly went into immediate "mommy mode", something I have never witnessed before.  She starting feeding her, putting her down for naps, and pushing her in the stroller, that her Grandma and Grandpa gave her that fit this doll perfectly!

Anyway, I digress.  Thank you Papa and Missi, the girls love their gateway dolls to the American Girl culture.  Scott is cringing and I am thrilled I get to be a little girl with my little girls.  I was more or less a tom-boy growing up, so I have a ton of catching up of girly play to do!

NYC American Girl Store - The Gateway to TROUBLE!

Doll Shop- Hair Salon for your doll

Price List for Doll Salon - you can even get your doll's ears pierced!

You can get your picture taken with your doll at their exclusive Photo Studio!

You can dine or have a spot of tea with you doll in their "reservations only" speciality cafe and even buy a pet for your doll in their "Pet Shop".